Artist Nar Bahadur B.K. describes the beauty of Buddha in his paintings

As it is said, an artist can express his views and inner feelings through any means. Whether it is dark cloud or bright sun or inhuman face, the artist can portray the feelings.
This is what artist Nar Bahadur B.K has done in his solo art exhibition. As per the title of exhibition, Buddha and Nature, he has painted several faces of Buddha in various colors like green, yellow, purple or an amalgam of hues.

Exhibited at Lazimpat Park Gallery, the whole aim of B.K's show is to send the message of peace to the people of Nepal as well as people all over the world. At a time when there is a trend of growing violence and human killings, Buddha's preaching is more relevant to the contemporary world.

Through the paintings of Buddha, artist B.K. has made efforts to show to the world that Buddha teaches not only the non-violence but also its importance in human life. Undoubtedly, the exhibition gives that message clearly.

Inaugurated by Australian ambassador to Nepal Graeme Lade, artist BK presented various faces of Buddha which clearly depicted various moods like in half mediation, complete mediation and eternity.
As a birth place of Buddha, Nepal was known as a land of peace and harmony.

However, the Maoist insurgency had badly tarnished it. Nepal turned into a violent killing fields for quite a long time till the Maoists joined the mainstream.
The ultimate truth lies on the peace and violence is just a temporary phenomenon. This is what one can see in the human life.

" Nepal is known for peaceful land for its many reason but I have concentrated whole my efforts on Buddha since this is also known as a land of Buddha," artist B.K. said. "It is through the eyes and lip of Buddha, I have tried to show different expressions of peace."


. Saturday, December 13, 2008 (Centenary Event No. 2.) Sculptor and academician Thakur Prasad Mainali inaugurated a solo art exhibition by young artist B.K. Nar Bahadur titled “Mahakavi Devkota: In Colours and Forms” in the Lumbini Gallery of the National Association of Fine Arts (NAFA). This exhibition is scheduled for December 13-18, 2008. According to Mr. Mainali, this is the first time that an association like DSRC has promoted an individual artist's creation and brought together art and literature in Nepal. Otherwise, individual artists had been organising their own solo exhibitions. Other speakers during the inauguration were art critic Madan Chitrakar, young artist B.K. Nar Bahadur, and the president of DSRC.

A collection of 20 paintings on the life and works of Mahakavi Dekvota are currently on exhibition at NAFA. Entry is free.